The presentation of employee benefits is often as important as the benefits themselves. Communicating the full value of your company’s benefit program is key to insuring your employees satisfaction and appreciation. Well-done communications show employees that their company is proud of the benefits they provide and genuinely cares about the well being of their employees and their families.

Our Approach

ECBP will work with you to develop and deliver engaging and effective communications in all appropriate media.

Service Offerings

East Coast Benefit Plans offers comprehensive and attractive presentations of your company’s benefits, such as:

  • Employee Benefits Statements:
    ECBP can prepare handsome state-of-the-art benefit statements for your employees. These statements detail and communicate the true monetary value of employer-sponsored benefits.
  • Benefits Overview
  • Benefits At-a-Glance
  • Benefits Orientation Packets
  • Benefit Meetings and Fairs
  • Marketing Communications for Employees:
    · Introducing New Benefits
    · Benefit Re-enrollment
    · Benefit Plan Modifications

Discover how ECBP can help your company present effective and compelling information about your benefit programs…contact us today!

"East Coast Benefit Plans saves us an enormous amount of time by producing excellent written and visual materials that explain our benefits in a pleasing and comprehensive style. They are a real asset to us."

Director of Human Resources,