Compliance Services

Employers sponsoring benefit plans are beholden to the government. They must adhere to strict regulations and provide clear documentation of their efforts. Compliance with government regulations and legislative mandates is now an integral part of benefit plan sponsorship — it permeates every aspect of a plan’s delivery.

Our Approach

East Coast Benefit Plans believes it has an obligation to help our clients manage the increasingly complex and demanding objectives that determine the cost, content and continuance of benefits.

To that end ECBP has developed an innovative approach for managing compliance obligations. Our approach embodies the sophistication and proficiency of large outsource service corporations, but at a substantially reduced cost and with greater responsiveness.

Service Offerings

ECBP compliance services includes research, consulting, application of regulations, and advocacy related to these federal mandates:

  • Affordable Care Act Health Care Reform
  • HR360 -Human Resources and Law Library
  • ThinkHR -  Cloud-based platform for HR Compliance and Workforce Training Solutions and a Live HR Expert Call Center
  • ECBP Resource Library – Our extensive library comprised of government, educational, non-profit research allows us to be
    your knowlege resource for current trends, laws,  and insurance innovations.
  • ADA
    (Americans with Disabilities Act)
    (Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act)
    (Employee Retirement Income Security Act)
  • FMLA
    (Family Medical Leave Act)
    (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • MSPR
    (Medicare Secondary Payer Rules)
  • Nondiscriminatory Testing
  • Section 125 Pre-Tax Benefit Accounts(Premium Only Plans, Cafeteria Plans, Healthcare & Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts)

Discover how ECBP can ensure your company’s benefit plan is in compliance with current government regulations and legislative mandates…contact us today!

"Because of ECBP, I know that we’re in steady compliance with the full range of government regulations and filings."

Human Resources Director,