Big Savings with InveniSM

Technology to Reduce Health Insurance Costs

In this hyper-information world, the choices can be too many. Now you can marshal the power of two decades of research, underwriting experience and technological innovation to gain a new edge in controlling and lowering your company’s health insurance costs.

You know that reducing health insurance costs goes straight to your bottom line. In many cases reductions in cost mean reductions in benefits, and giving your employees less — but not with Inveni.

Inveni is a breakthrough technology created by mathematicians and benefit underwriters for benefit buyers. Inveni controls the process of premium rate setting in ways never before possible.

Inveni unlocks the door to controlling health insurance costs in a completely new way, and puts the power to affect real change in your hands…

  • Thanks to the acuity of Inveni, a Boston-based non-profit facing a 10% rate hike for its 483 enrolled employees, was able to negotiate a zero increase rate-hold, realizing a savings of $540,000.
  • A 140-person non-profit in Providence realized a savings of $154,500 when they harnessed the power of Inveni to turn a 6% health insurance rate hike into a 5% rate reduction.
  • A specialty manufacturer in Warwick, was facing a 7% rate hike for their 400 employees. Thanks to Inveni technolog, they ended-up with a 2% reduction and cut plan costs by $430,000.
  • After years of receiving significant increases on their medical plan, a large RI healthcare organization turned to Inveni technology, and instead of another increase, reduced their rates by 5%.
Get the details about Inveni before you agree to your next health insurance renewal. Contact Shaun Dolan at 781-806-6141 and ask for a demonstration.

"An excellent resource for The Bridge of Central Massachusetts, Inc. With the Inveni technology ECBP was able to secure an 18% reduction in our premium. This saving was an unexpected gift that allowed us to give our staff raises which would not otherwise have been possible."

Kaitlyn Shusas, PHR | MBA Human Resources Manager The Bridge of Central Massachusetts, Inc., Worcester, MA